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Popup Astrology: Mercury Direct
Popup Astrology: Mercury Direct
This is a breaking "news" summary of Mercury moving to direct motion at 11:16 pm EDT Sunday. Mercury is of the mind — the effects are almost all internal, perceptual, etc. But it sure is convincing.

This is late breaking astrology update…we are at the end of Mercury retrogarde though this is a useful old article from 2014, that offers a diversity of views and considers the matter holsticially.

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Photo by L:anvi Nguyen

If you’re curious — this is the figure for Mercury stationing direct, set of NY, at 11:16:33 pm EDT, Sunday, May 14. See the Moon/Neptune alignment at the bottom — both have a 27 next to them.

Mercury stations direct May 14/15 depending on time zone.\

Then Jupiter enters Taurus May 16. That is visible top right. Juiter is orange and has 00 next to it. The Moon/Chiron is visible to the right of that, with the Moon at 19 and Chiron at 18.

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16.