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Short video message on the 4-year anniversary of the Master Chronology and Covid19 News.

A few thoughts to mark the day. Also please see the PS.

Link to Chronology

Good afternoon from New York,

On the morning of March 3, 2020, I woke up and realized that I had to begin a daily news chronology of events surrounding the then-nascent virus crisis, and also trace events back to their origin. I assumed that to be a few months prior, but it ended up being 2006, with roots into 1918.

Along the way, I re-investigated HIV/AIDS, “Spanish Flu,” “polio,” “Hong Kong Flu” and many other claimed outbreaks.

The result was a series of investigative features, but mostly Covid19 News, which ran continuously for 1,185 days (and contains a full portfolio of my written work); and the Master Chronology.

Here is our very first entry; tap to see all of March 2020. It’s more interesting than you may imagine.

Tap image to see March 2020 events — fascinating

Both are one-of-a-kind documents, and the Chronology in particular condenses thousands of sources related to all facets of the crisis. It’s especially strong on the creation and filing of alleged viral “sequences,” and the history of the PCR and its fraudulent use diagnosing infections (including all current usages, Pap tests, cancer screening and diagnostics, STI testing, virus testing in critters, etc.).

Many, many people helped me put this together by providing facts and documents, though I did all the pulling together — the actual ordering, assembly and writing of commentary, night after night for a couple of years. There will be a new version soon that corrects a minor code translation error (occasional stuck together words. This is a good time to send me any additional entries and corrections — to

I want to thank my many astrology readers who not only understood why I was doing this project, but who also generously donated to Chiron Return (my journalism nonprofit) to make sure that it would actually happen.

I remain on the story. Everything I learn goes onto this Substack.

We are Planet Waves.

With love,

PS — Does anyone know the location of a recently created (in 2024) chronology-related Substack? A writer was trying to sum up the first 100 or so days of 2020, if I recall. I commented there once; and then there was a separate discussion of Oct. 6, 2020, potentially on Sasha’s Substack; does anyone have that reference? I want to finish the 10/6 entry — it was a big day, with a very potent chart (a trigger for the whole series of events, featuring Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Eris in one tight pattern).

Thanks for your help chasing up those references.


Current first page of the chronology, with team credits.

My partial print investigative journalism portfolio, c. 1990-2000 (after that, most of it is on the internet). These are articles; the documents weigh about 1,000 pounds.

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