Why is Reiner Füllmich on trial?

This interview establishes the basic facts of the case.

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Interview with Elsa Füllmich of The Truth Summit

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This is an interview with Elsa Schieder, author of The Truth Summit Substack, who lays out the basic facts of what happened to Reiner Füllmich last October, and why he is in jail and facing trial today.

For most people, Elsa is the only source of ongoing coverage of Füllmich’s situation.

In the interview, we discuss the appearance of Dr. Stefan Lanka and Dr. Andrew Kaufman as witnesses before the Corona Investigative Committee, from which Fuellmich is accused of embezzling €600,000 and using the money to make improvements to his home.

I also mention my investigation of Poornima Wagh from August 2022. For those unfamiliar with my coverage of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who also comes up in the discussion, here is an article from a year ago that will provide some orientation.

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