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Saint Bobby Jr. — will he save us? A conversation with Michael Bryant and Jesse Zurawell

Saint Bobby Jr. — will he save us? A conversation with Michael Bryant and Jesse Zurawell

This week, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is expected to announce his presidential candidacy at an event in Boston. What's going on here? Who is he, what does he stand for, and could he win?
Saint Bobby Junior. Digital art by Lanvi Nguyen.

Hello — Is anyone in my reading audience versed in the history of Rockefeller medicine? Please reach to me personally. I am looking for a true historian of the issue, including the background on the Flexner affair. Pleae reply or comment below. Thank you.

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On this special edition of Planet Waves FM, I speak with reporter Michael Bryant and TNT Radio host Jesse Zurawell about the possibility of a Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. presidential candidacy (expected to be officially announced in Boston on Wednesday, the day of a solar eclipse).

Kennedy is the head of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), an organization involved in publishing and broadcasting, and a number of freedom of speech and vaccine related lawsuits, including serving as co-counsel on the Gardasil Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) case, a federal liability lawsuit brought by more than 40 individuals injured by the claimed anti-HPV injection given to teeagers.


This is Part Two of a Series

This is part two of a series I began Monday with a look at the chart for the planned kickoff of the RFK campaign on Wednesday. For many, Kennedy is the hero of the “health freedom movement.” Is this realistic? Its top mainstream leaders are lining up behind his campaign.

Kennedy is running as a Democrat, not as a third-party or independent candidate. He is the son of former attorney general and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, and the nephew of Pres. John F. Kennedy, staying in the Democratic family tradition.

In this conversation, Jesse Zurawell, Michael Bryant and I cover the waterfront, starting with his actual position on vaccines, his strange stance on the missing virus problem, plus the history of the Kennedy family and the Democratic party. We look at the myth of “Camelot,” and consider the special dangers he faces running for public office. All in one hour and eight minutes!

The most important political question is: who are his constituents? Who would vote for him?

The Nostalgia Train of idealists, the “health freedom movement” and dissenting Republicans are not enough. Certified Dems who subscribe to vaccines are not going to be interested because to them (and according to the N.Y. Times and nearly everyone else), he’s a crazy anti-vaxer and proponent of non-science.

Hardcore conservatives are unlikely to be interested; he is allegedly a liberal. So what is this candidacy really about? Is this another Trumpesque brand-building candidacy (this time for CHD)? Two years in a private 737? Ambition? Hubris? Karma?

Or as CHD itself admited in a letter to its members last week, the desire for power.

I’ve been covering RFK Jr. for the past year and have learned a few things along the way. We are planning to have FOI (freedom of information laws) grand master Christine Massey back on the program — she has had the most direct contact with RFK Jr and his organization, and has been the focus of my coverage of Kennedy.

I began coverage on Friday’s Planet Waves FM, if you don’t count my April Fool’s Day parody (and the follow-up story) scooping the official announcement by several weeks. These are both satires, though with serious subtext and “based on a true story.”

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